The Wraith Isles Clan is an all female clan of female isolationist who devote themselves to the study of magic.

Formally known as The Blue Coral Divers Clan, Blue Coral was one of the new breed of witch clans on the planet Dathomir, fishing for blue corals and allowing both women and men to rule jointly. The Blue Coral Divers feuded with the Scissorfists Clan, another clan that lived near the sea. After years of fighting, both clans tried to settle their differences through a diplomatic meeting. However, the peace talks ended badly and both clans resumed their feud.

After the second battle of Dathomir the Blue Coral Divers Clan was claimed by the Nightsisters and renamed by the High Witch Council and declared to be all women.

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The Wraith Isles Clan located among the vast Isles along the coasts of the great Dathomir Sea. The Wraith Island Clan is more of a sect of female witch isolationists that isolate themselves to the study of Dathomiri magic. Almost like a nunnery many of the women here have never even been with a man. Very few men are allowed on the Island and those that are only stay temporarily to trade or conduct other business. All Sorceresses in their own right they study less in the form of martial study and thrust their minds into the magical arts.

The greatest protection the Island has to offer is the mists. Enchanted mists the island hidden from view and makes the island uneatable to reach unless one of the few, who are entrusted with the spell to part a door in the veil, opens the door for you. Either the protection spell must be destroyed by the use of the Force or rare man made technology or a Dathomiri Witch with the spell opens the door. There are no shields, turrets, or large armies on the Isle just the Witches that devote their daily lives to further their magical knowledge.

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