Upon the fall of The Sith Council, Itala Marzullo had branched to expand his notorious family, The Marzullo Clan. The group formed in early 1999 and reached Ezboard not too long after; many members had arrived from various paths of roleplaying communities though a majority had been introduced to the the group (and to Ezboard) from TalkCity. Since it's creation, the group has been nomadic in changing from one location to the next with more than one variation though the atmosphere, the ambiance, and the history have all been the same.

The Marzullo ClanEdit


Their bloodline can be traced within family records only, but it goes as far as 4000 years. The official records have been erased from the Coruscant archives by Itala Marzullo. An uncharted planet deep in the outer rims shows their emergence from primitive warfare to dangerous force adepts. The eldest leader of the clan was named Sol Marzullo.

Deciding to no longer be a mere peasant, the ancestral god Sol Marzullo, had sold his soul to the Darkside as legend would tell. He had become obsessed that there should only be one dominant race, one dominant group of Force Users to own the the universe: the Marzullos. As the ability to manipulate genetics via unnatural means, it had only transcended Sol's desires to have his family the dominant force within the galaxy. Unfortunately for the Omnipotent One, he would eventually meet his demise in a battle he could not win.

Thousands of years later, fate had intervened for the Marzullos once more. Itala Marzullo was born, some believed him to be the reincarnation of Sol. As he became an adult, he had meet another Marzullo, Malycia, and it was too great of a coincidence to be ignored. After much interrogation between the pair, their relations had been discovered. Itala was soon introduced to the leaders of the other branches of Marzullos even being crowned rightful heir to their dynasty, a direct descendant of Sol Marzullo. One by one, the Marzullos had begun to gather on Ziost, a planet that was once ruled by The Marzullo Clan.

In one swift moment The Marzullo Clan was in shambles. From the discovery of a tainted bloodline that had come to claim what they were once denied = being apart of the family - which led to the deaths of many, to numerous battles with no room to recover, they had no choice other than to leave behind the culture they had built.

Barely escaping with a few ships after an epic space battle between Pollux Marzullo and Darth Viscera, a man who would become a great rival, Itala retreated to another planet in the far corners of the Unknown Regions. This planet would become known as Albion, a name that was once belonging to a Marzullo leader from ages ago. From that moment until now, that is where the Marzullos have called their home.