Dating back an unspecific amount of time that spans into centuries, the Decuir progenitor, Naberia Decuir- a Celestial, had been intrigued by the concept of family and relationships. Taking a companion, a Morganian by the name of Lancelot Mandagoran, the legacy of the Decuirs had been created.


Of the Proginetors four children: Decima, Dragon, Kai, and Diablo, only Decima had chosen a different path and continued the Decuir surname.

It was through Decima that the legacy of procuring a station amongst the Witches form the secluded planet of Dathomir had begun by her mating to a Nightbrother - Vodun Druis. With the potential of her bloodline, she had rose to great prominence and inherited  what would eventually become known as the Frenzied River Clan. Decima was the first to break another tradition of not taking a Morganian mate and it was through Vodun that the Decuirs had gained their Dathomiri bloodline.