SWU Wiki has a set of guidelines that is asked of members to follow when contributing articles. This is to ensure that some form of standard is used to help pages look uniform and provide the most information in an organized manner as possible.


Below are the general guidlines for all content pages on the SWU Wiki.

  • Pages muct be correctly formatted. Most sections have an appropriate infobox template to be used; new templates may not be created with the approbal of the Administrator. If a page does not have a template or is using the incorrect one, it will be changed.
  • All pages must be written in English. We respect all languages. The RPG community, however, is written in English and so to must the wiki.
  • Proper grammar and spelling should be used as well as written in the third person past tense. All writing should be done to the best of the member's ability. Articles can be written in either British or American English.
  • Pages should be tagged with appropriate categories. Random or nonsensical categories should not be used. Tagging the pages with the appropriate categroies makes for easier naviagtion for everyone. If tags are incorrect or missing, they will be added or removed depending on circumstance.

Needing AssistanceEdit

If you are finding that you need assistance or have questions about any of the above guidelines, contact  the Administrator or Moderator.