Personality and Character TraitsEdit


Scarlett, with her angelic features, can appear to be innocent and well-mannered. Though she is respectful to others, except Jedi, her niceties are usually reserved for when she wants something. She is hardly a sweet young lady as she would just as soon murder someone while smiling.  She can also be defiant and rebellious, but never at the expense of marring the family name.

Character Flaws and StrengthsEdit

  • Flaws: Prideful - Deceiving - Blunt - Manipulative - Snobbish - Self-Righteous - Confrontational - Self-Important - Short tempered - Unpredictable - Bloodlust - Jealous
  • Strengths: Independent - Loyal - Charismatic - Optimistic - Confidant - Competitive - Strong willpower - Clever - Intelligent

Characteristics Edit

  • »» Likes:

Folklore, candy, dressing up, ball events, jewelry, drinking blood, watching people hung, warm weather, dancing, romantic novels, music, being in control, the smell of rain, honey, butterflies

  • »» Dislikes:

Being told what to do, Jedi, mumbling and stuttering, being placated, flashing lights, feelings of abandonment, losing, dirt

  • »» Fears:
  • »» Disorders:
  • »» Hobbies:
  • »» Other:

Physical AttributesEdit


Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Marzullo Birthmark




Scarlett has a classic beauty about her; though she doesn't need makeup by any means, she will often wear soft colours to vibrant and dark ones depending on her mood or the occasion. Her posture is nothing less than perfect and she moves with whimsical grace to her steps. Like many of her relatives, she has silver eyes and long dark hair, even a specialty birthmark reserved only for her mother's side of the family. Height is on average though it's suspected she will not grow in that respect much more.

Personal ConnectionsEdit

Relationships Acquaintances Disliked and Reviled
  • Artemes Organa

Abilities and Training DataEdit

Assets and PossessionsEdit

Amulets and TalismansEdit




Scarlett Arceneau is currently the only child to the Chume'da of Hapes, Axel Arceneau, and his deceased wife, a noble from Procopia, Vitalia Navarro. She was born from the betrothal and consequential marriage of the young couple when they were only sixteen. As the Chume'la has now reached that same age, growing up watching the parenting hardship it has caused her father, she refuses to entertain the thought of marriage and children.

Unlike Axel, she has little desire for war and finds it more of a burden on society than it does any good. She realizes it's a necessary evil, but she has more so taken a fondness over the culture of Hapes that has little to do with the military much to her father's dismay.

Character SourcesEdit

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