The Sayormi were a mysterious race that lived in the Dead Forest, a dark, rotten part of the Kkowir Forest on Kashyyyk. The following group is considered a sect of The Coven (Nightsisters and Nightbrothers respectively) and are governed by their own leaders though overall ruled by the High Witch Council as their Queen was known to be a Nightsister.


Sayormis were led by the Sayormi Queen, who commanded her people with a fierce fist. The Sayormi Queen was the leader of the Sayormi, an evil cult, believed to be ghosts with strange powers that lived in the low levels of the Kkowir Forest, and in the Dead Forest on Kashyyyk. She wielded the Sayormi Soulstinger, a melee weapon the queen had developed for her personal us; it is rumored that she was once a Nightsister.

The Sayormi were a rather primitive society, living in simple huts built from animal skins and decorated with bones and skulls. Scarecrows made of wood and bones marked their territory in the Dead Forest, which they defended ferociously.

Female Sayormi were called witches, while the males were divided into monks and warriors. Their small society was ruled by the Sayormi Queen.They worshiped a dead pantheon of deities and tamed some of the wildlife for their use. Mystical tomes bound in Mouf leather, found in their possession, detailed forgotten legends and wild tales.

The Sayormi were said to possess dark and deadly "magical" abilities. They performed dark, bloody rituals that included sacrifices of animals, Wookiees and other unfortunate beings. Voodoo dolls were used to curse their enemies. Their strange rituals lead the Wookiees to believe that the Sayormi were ghosts, haunting their forests in search of blood. Bottles with strange potions and juices were found on many killed Sayormi, some with insects or eyes swimming in them. They also brewed their own, very potent alcoholic beverages.

They wielded rather primitive but deadly melee weapons in battle against their enemies. Sayormi witches were infamous for their skills with their Blackbane Nails, primitive chipped stone blades. The Sayormi monks spend many years training with their Sayormi Heartstrikers, small sharp blades named for their ability to crack through the rib cages of their enemies. And among the bloodthirsty warriors, that were known to spill the blood of even their most dangerous enemies, a heavy battle axe called Lifeblood Cleaver was the preferred weapon of choice.