Dathomir Clan
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Clan Leader
Lilith Decuir
High Priestess
Santeria Decuir
Allyan Supreme
High Witch Council
Adira Ventress
Vanya Aklin
Grand Mage Council
Original Clan Name
Great Canyon Clan
Great Canyon

Galactic Basic Standard

The Nightsister Coven

The Dragon Blood Clan is a Dathomiri Witch clan village located near the Great Canyon on Dathomir and was home to the former Allyan circle, the Great Canyon Clan. The witches of Great Canyon Clan based their beliefs on Gethzerion's Book of Shadows, but abandoned a number of traditions so that they would not face any obstacles to their success. Since The Nightsister Coven's reclaiming of Dathomir, it was one of the clans renamed and directed beneath new leadership; the current Clan Mother is Lilith Decuir. Dragon Blood Clan is base for the Coven's scribes.

Dragon Blood VillageEdit

Culture of The ClanEdit

Clan LawEdit

The citizens of the town are vigilantes and are free to take the law in their own hands; they don't take kindly to outsiders or witches who have not sworn fealty to The Coven or the High Priestess.

Physical TraitsEdit

Witches of this area have grown to have specific traits. From their position of near constant sunlight, they typically are olive complected.


Ceremonial & Standard WeaponryEdit

Clan HistoryEdit